Looking for piano movers near you? You’re in the right place. Fair enough, piano moving is a challenging job: pianos are heavy, expensive, and delicate, so it’s a wise solution to entrust this process to professionals. Our skilled movers specialize in moving pianos of any type, from a spinet to a concert grand. Whether you need your piano relocated just across the street or coast to coast, our experienced piano movers will ensure high-quality service.

    Piano Moving Service NJ

    The White Glove Relocation team is properly equipped and trained for moving pianos. Our primary goal is to keep your piano protected so that it arrives at your new place safe and sound. No matter what the size or the weight of your piano, it will always be properly prepared, packed, moved, and set up the right way. 

    Long-distance piano moving

    If you’re looking for a long-distance piano moving company in New Jersey, get in touch with White Glove Relocation. We have unrivalled experience in long-distance piano and organ moving. Our professional piano movers will securely pad and stretch wrap the instrument, and place it on a piano board or a four-wheel moving dolly for transportation. White Glove Relocation experts will remove legs, pedals and music stands, and make sure that they get the proper protection before they are loaded onto the moving truck.

    Local piano moving NJ

    Need help with moving a piano across town? Our experts will be there to provide you with high-quality local moving service in NJ. Don’t hesitate to contact our piano moving company to make your move easy and smooth.

    Piano storage in New Jersey

    In addition to the local and long-distance piano moving service, our company offers piano storage solutions. You can use our storage spaces that are perfect for safely storing your instrument while not in use. Your piano will come back to you in the same condition that it has been left in.

    Piano Moving Cost

    The average piano moving cost is between $400 to $600. Also, be ready to spend an extra $100 for baby grand pianos and $150 for grand pianos. Keep in mind that the final cost will depend on the type and age of the piano, as well as the distance you’re transporting the instrument. The more substantial the piece, the more expensive the move. Antique pianos are more fragile than a more recent model, and they typically require more attention. Finally, be ready to be charged an extra fee if you need to move the piano up and down the stairs. For more precise information, connect with us to get a quote.