Moving Labor Services

Missing packages, damaged fragile items, unnecessary driving back and forth to collect boxes that didn’t fit into the previous van, and in the end, no clue what is in which box… Do you recall such a situation during your moving and how much stress did it cause? We offer you an absolutely stress-free way to relocate your home, office, or business. You’ll ask how? The answer is simple — contact a moving company that will take care of all the nuances related to moving. White Glove Relocation is your reliable and affordable professional moving helper in NJ.

    Moving Labor Services in New Jersey

    We offer a full service of moving operations, such as loading and unloading services, packing and unpacking of your boxes or devices, delivery only, heavy furniture, and specialty moves in the NJ area. Depending on your needs you can order multiple services or only one of moving services. In other words, you can customize your moving help as you wish.

    It is worth adding that our company provides our customers with home cleaning services too. With our home cleaners, you won’t need to stress when moving out from your home or office. We ensure that your old location will be tidied after your move-out. Save your time and energy for a fresh start on your new location thanks to our moving labor.

    Local Moving Labor

    Are you thinking of changing your household’s or company’s address and moving just within the neighborhood or city? Then our local moving helpers will come to your rescue! 

    We specialize in local moving and can assist you in moving in and out without needless worries. Apartments, cottages, condos, office buildings, high-rises… You name it. All of those buildings can be challenging to move in and out. But our professionally trained moving helpers are aware of the tips and tricks of agile and painless relocation. 

    Our moving company is prepared and willing to help you with complex and challenging relocations. We’ll learn what are the rules of your district or apartment block to align relocation with those regulations. Then we’ll book all the necessary parking spots, elevators, and other equipment to ensure a smooth move. Our highly skilled professional moving helpers are not scared of stairs! So wherever heavy lifting and transportation over stairs is needed, you can count on our helpers.

    You can browse for locally available movers and book them for the best moving help in NJ on our website.

    Hire a Moving Helper

    We are a moving company with a perfect reputation, and we have helped a lot of customers to move without stress and overpaying. Our team of professional moving helpers has rich experience and deep knowledge of all the details of successful and stressless relocation.

    If you want to hire a local helper, don’t hesitate to contact White Glove Relocation. You can get a quote to hire a moving helper and learn the estimated relocation price upfront. You will know what you will be paying for during your relocation. No unpleasant surprises! 

    Search for a professional moving helper and skip all the relocation routines with us.

    Why choose White Glove Relocation?

    • Professional and reliable team of moving helpers;
    • Help with packing/unpacking, loading/unloading, delivery, and home cleaning;
    • Affordable and transparent prices;
    • Fast service;
    • Customized solutions for your situation!

    Loading and unloading services New Jersey

    At White Glove relocation we know how important it is to move all the boxes, furniture, and appliances from one destination to another safely and without unnecessary movements. Our load/unload movers are experienced in loading all the packages accurately in a storage container or truck. Be sure that no room in a truck or container will be unoccupied. Your possessions will be loaded densely into trucks or storage containers and delivered to your new location all safe and sound. At the delivery address, your possessions will be dropped off where you wish. In front of your door or inside of your apartment in a high-rise — tell us of your expectations and we’ll satisfy them!

    Packing and unpacking services

    Your moving helper is an expert in packing and unpacking. Whether it is a computer, fridge, or bookshelf fully stacked with novels, we know how to pack and unpack them efficiently. Our movers can pack and unpack your possessions diligently and carefully to ensure no damages to your items. Keep in mind that we also take care of wrapping and unwrapping your fragile items. Like this, your wife’s favorite vase or your mother’s beloved glasses can be transported in all safety! So forget about needless worries when packing dishes or breakable objects. They will be taken care of by our professional movers.

    Heavy furniture moves NJ

    White Glove Relocation is a service provider of special and oversized object relocation. With us, you can get help from a moving furniture helper and transport your oversized furniture or special appliances with no trouble. As you might already know, moving a piano or a gun safe is not an easy thing. If you opt for amateurish moves of oversized items (which often turns out to be also incorrect), you risk causing a danger to your health and even life. Our professional movers know the secrets of the relocation of your huge wardrobes, music instruments, and gun safes. Just rely on our helpers during your change of address, and save your back, nerves, and nice relations with your dear ones.