Getting ready to move? Movers and Packers NJ are here to guide you through your relocation! Our competent team of loaders and packers carefully and responsibly organizes, packs, and moves your belongings. In addition to full service in packing and moving, we offer customized services to fit your needs and requests. And all this at competitive and transparent prices! Wanna find out how packers and movers of our company can help you? Check our article!

    Our packers and movers company will thoroughly assess the quantity of your belongings and draw up a plan of packing, loading, and shipment before transporting things. Our packers and movers are qualified, honest, and well-trained to perform their tasks. We provide any set of services at competitive prices. By choosing our service, you`ll undoubtedly receive quality assistance in packing and moving.

    Packing services 

    Well-organized packing is probably as essential during any relocation as the moving itself. Appropriate packing of your household or office utensils, furniture, equipment can be quite tricky. But no need to worry as our experienced packers and movers will come to your rescue and assist you in having efficient and quick packing. After estimating the number, size and shape of items, we`ll determine the approximate number of packers and the time required to move. All this will be done with maximum comfort for you. You don’t have to assemble and disassemble furniture and suffer with household appliances. Our staff will deliver boxes and all other necessary tools to save your nerves while searching for them.

    Transparent and affordable packing and moving rates

    Our professional packers and movers cost not a fortune, they work on reasonable prices. We strive for transparency and affordability in prices so you won’t get unpleasant surprises with the invoice. Payment is made at an hourly or general rate. Payment for the complex tariff is also calculated taking into account the amount and time allotted by employees to work, as well as the number of employees.

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    Packers and movers company

    We are not all minimalists, but even minimalists need help to neatly and correctly put together and prepare things when moving. We will agree on a packing plan with you in advance, going over all the items and where they should be located, as well as to which parts should be given special consideration.

    If you’d like to participate or decide to pack things personally, we`ll provide everything you need. From boxes of various sizes, packing tape to wrapping and filling material – we can deliver everything to pack all items, taking into account all your wishes and providing professional advice when needed. Therefore, in the new place you won’t be lost in the numerous boxes not knowing what is where. With our assistance, you’ll quickly and easily find everything in the new place.

    Why choose  White Glove Relocations for packing services NJ?

    White Glove Relocations is a trusted provider of moving and packing services. Our satisfied customers left their reviews where they highly recommend our company.

    We`ve been working in this field for a long time and constantly improve the qualifications and competencies of our employees. The professional packers and movers of our company know how to quickly and efficiently pack your possessions so that all is transported safe and sound. Our machines are equipped to transport a variety of items with all fuses and accessories. The vans have guides for fastening furniture and the fastenings themselves (belts), non-slip floor, soft wall upholstery, as well as a hydro lift for loading heavy objects.

    Packing support & supplies for your easy relocation

    We use quality materials and know-how to pack everything in the boxes of correct sizes. We`ll take care even of the most fragile objects and items of complex shapes. Preparation for the transportation of glass and porcelain, office equipment, bulky furniture, and various appliances – all this can be entrusted to our professional packers. This guarantees that your belongings would arrive intact and unharmed. Moreover, it will help that during loading and unloading of your things the floor and walls in your apartment will not be damaged.

    In addition, we will take special care of your pets and plants, as they are particularly vulnerable and might get damaged if not moved professionally. We use special strong boxes for the transportation of plants in order to protect the delicate parts from being squeezed or broken. We also treat pets very carefully using special carriers or cages for transportation.