Moving is always both an exciting and stressful experience. Most importantly, it gives a feeling of a new start. Perhaps you got your dream job, decided to move closer to your loved ones or just felt a need to change the scenery. However, no matter what the reason for your long distance move is, you have to complete a myriad of arrangements. These include change of address procedures, transferring medical and school records, packing your items, managing utilities and organizing the actual move. For your peace of mind and safety of your belongings, the best solution is to hire long-distance movers.

    Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your Long Distance Move

    Still hesitating about using long distance moving services? Here are some reasons why you might want to take advantage of them. Let’s jump right in.

    You’re moving across the country

    Without any doubt, relocating to a place that is far away calls for a lot of help. Long distance moving companies have the necessary experience and equipment to do this job in a proper way. What is more, if you plan to travel to your new home by plane, you’ll need to hire movers for your long distance move. The moving experts will efficiently manage the logistics of your moving. They’ll drive the moving truck and take care of loading and unloading your belongings.

    You’ll experience a stress free move

    The moving process is all about taking countless decisions, not to mention that it’s likely to exhaust you both physically and emotionally. However, if you take advantage of hiring a professional team, you’ll deprive yourself of tons of stress. Moving experts have a strategy in place to manage the chaos you may be experiencing. 

    You feel the need for assistance

    In many cases, your friends and family can help you with the move. Still, it might be hard to find someone who will help you with your long distance move. That’s why it’s a good idea to entrust your relocation to a long distance moving company. Hiring professional movers will be especially helpful if you have young children or are a single homeowner. 

    You don’t have enough time to manage the move on your own

    People typically plan their move ahead to make sure that everything is done right. However, it sometimes happens that you’re pressed for time. For instance, you might have to complete your move in a short time to start a new job. In such cases, professional movers will be there to streamline the process and manage the entire move for you.

    Moving companies have all the necessary equipment

    If you decide to manage your move by yourself, keep in mind that you’ll need to properly pack your stuff, disassemble the furniture, get a moving container and other moving supplies, and, finally, rent a moving truck and drive it yourself. Sounds not that attractive, right? A long distance moving team will pack your belongings and drive them to your new home so that they arrive safe and sound. Professional movers have done it lots of times, so you may be sure they can do this job right. They have all the necessary tools and vehicles to ensure your smooth move. 

    You might lack expertise in long distance moving

    Each interstate move demands special authority to perform any part of a move from one state to another. In contrast to intrastate moves, long distance moving falls under federal regulation for transporting items from state to state.Therefore, it’s highly recommendable to hire a trusted moving company when you are moving across state lines. Professional movers are licensed to provide interstate moving services, so you won’t need to worry about compliance with all the regulations related to your interstate move. Plus, you might not know the roads and highways well enough, while the professional driver will ensure smooth driving without getting lost or running into troubles along the way.

    Long-distance movers provide insurance 

    Unfortunately, unwanted things sometimes happen. If you plan to move by yourself, remember to get your possessions insured. Yes, it’s a plus one item on your long moving checklist, so here’s another reason to hire professional movers. Professional movers can offer insurance for your belongings, usually with an option to add declared value coverage.

    Long Distance Moving From NJ

    A long distance move means change, and often it’s for the best. Starting a new life in a new location is a really rewarding experience. We believe you’ll make a lot of friends and discover many new career opportunities in your new place. But now you should focus on your move, and do your best to make your moving experience stress free.

    Hire a long distance moving company in NJ

    When you’re moving across the country, the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to hire long distance movers New Jersey. White Glove Relocations is a team of the moving industry experts, who will ensure smooth and stress free moving. We have broad experience in interstate moves as well as all the necessary tools that let us provide high quality services. We approach each customer individually: you can either go for full service or select optional services such as packing and unpacking, disassembling furniture, loading and unloading, or storage service. 

    Security during your cross country trip is our primary concern. We are familiar with the major U. S. transport channels and we can move your items to your new home with ease, providing you with peace of mind.

    Our services include:

    • Quick moving quote
    • Disassembly/assembly of furniture
    • Packing/unpacking
    • Moving equipment
    • Loading/unloading the truck
    • Storage services

    Get your long distance moving quote

    Our long distance moving quote takes a range of aspects into account, so you get a fair quote that is specific to your move. To calculate your expected moving cost, we estimate the weight and volume of your belongings, the distance of your move and services you request. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service. Hire the best long distance movers NJ for your smooth and comfortable move.