White Glove Relocations moves families and their entire homes throughout the state. The journey’s success lies in each step’s proficiency, and one of the crucial stages is loading and moving heavy furniture. You may need to move to the next street or settle in another city — the process of careful and safe relocation is still the same. White Glove knows it through and through and will help you to move without a scratch. 

    For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping families and commercial clients to change their residence. We’ve become the largest independent family-owned moving company in NJ, and we value the trust and good reputation we acquired. If you need some help with lifting or rearranging, we are happy to take the job.


    Help from furniture moving companies is it necessary?

    Simple answer — yes, if you wish so, and yes, if you need a hand with a difficult task.

    Basically, you rearrange the furniture regularly, while taking out some chairs for a party or carrying in a new coffee table. You easily manage some kinds of moving by yourself and then may struggle, still on your own, with more significant tasks, like moving a set of living room furniture for a new apartment. But there is no need to sweat and worry about the size of your door frame, as our job is to move anything you need to a convenient place. Just tell us more on what to move and whether it requires special conditions, which we are skilled to organize.


    How are White Glove Relocations furniture movers different?

    We adjust our services to your task. Suppose you need to prepare a table lamp and an armchair for moving. In that case, you will take different packaging for proper protection (by the way, for sensitive material as glass, better use an additional layer, like bubble wrap). Apart from such challenges, our team also handles much more serious assignments — we are ready to move your piano or make a special crate to protect irreplaceable items.

    We specialize in various high-demanding relocations:

    • Antique and fine-art moving

    Such valuable items require a particular environment, which needs to stay unchanged before, during, and after the move. We trained our team to perfection in working with art through cooperation with antique shops and auction houses. If there is a need to preserve a precious piece, we will manage the task.

    • Piano moving

    As a musical instrument, a piano is extremely sensitive to any relocation. Each misstep can cause irreversible damage to the sound, and, as the piano’s weight may come up to 1000 pounds, the job seems to be somewhat troublesome. However, our team has a wealth of experience. We’ve been moving pianos in New Jersey since 1988 and always use every precaution to fulfill a harmless transfer.

    • Custom crating

    Some of the possessions can’t be moved without a world from a box created especially for them. If you plan a long-distance or an international relocation, consider ordering a crate to preserve fragile items. We provide on-site expertise, and our carpenter creates custom protection boxes for your valuable piece.


    Why get our helpers to move furniture?

    Firstly, we care for our team as a core part of our family. It means ensuring the proper training for each furniture lifter, providing protective uniforms for the work, and any necessary equipment to fulfill the task. We support Corporate Social responsibility and hire people from the local community in NJ. Our thriving team is a guarantee of your safe and efficient moving experience. 


    Secondly, the price is fixed with us. We use a locked-in-rate program to make the cost of our services transparent and reliable.


    Thirdly, we are experts in moving services. White Glove takes pride in a well-done job and respects the trust you show us.